Treatment of Sarcoptic Mange in Humans with Peroxide or Borax

What is sarcoptic mange in humans?

mangeSarcoptic mange is a skin condition in human which results due to the itch mites living under the surface of the skin. This mange mite is also referred to as Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis and happens to be a microscopic arthropod that resides on the deepest layers of skin. At the time when this condition occurs in humans, it is recognised as “scabies”. Although the conventional treatment involves the use of pesticides, there are alternative medications now available as well. One of the commonly used medications for sarcoptic mange is borax and hydrogen peroxide.

Treat human sarcoptic mange with borax and peroxide

There different ways in which people use these substances. We have mentioned a few ways; however you could use the combination that best suits your needs. For an instance, you can create 1% of hydrogen peroxide solution by diluting the content you get from the stores. For the most part, these ingredients are available at all the major pharmacies. Once the solution is diluted, you could dissolve about 2 tbsp. of borax into the mixture. This solution must be applied on the mange affected parts at least twice a day. However, it has to be remembered that this application must not be applied on open wounds. Once you apply it on the affected areas, make sure to leave it for a while, so as to get appropriate results. Hydrogen peroxide would help you alleviate the symptoms of sarcoptic mange whereas borax would eliminate the chances of re-infestation. Lastly, before you use any of these medications on infants or pregnant women, consult a doctor ahead of time.

Get rid of bed bugs and mange mites

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