puppy has sarcoptic mange and there’s other dog in the house. What to do?

We recently rescued a stray puppy without realizing that she had sarcoptic mange. She did had several interactions with my dog for the 2 days before we brought her in to the vet. The vet gave the infected puppy injection and antibiotics and we’ve since confined the puppy to her crate away from our dog, making sure they have no direct contact. Now i’m worried that my dog would be infected as well. Could i use revolution on my dog now? Would it help eliminate the chances of my dog getting mange?? Or we would have to wait for 3-4weeks before bringing my dog for scrap test??
The vet simply told me to monitor my dog for 3 weeks to see she has symptoms of mange and told me to bring the infected puppy in after 2 wks for review again. Unfortunately, the vet did not give us any bathing solution or ivermectin for the infected puppy.

As for the whole family, we take extra caution when handling the infected puppy, washing our hands with disinfectant after every contact with her. So far, no one suffering from terrible skin itchiness.

She has to have more than antibiotics to kill the mites. Did he give you a bathing solution or ivermectin for the dog? Antibiotics are simply for the infection caused by scratching.

The answer is simply to treat both dogs. It’s just like when dogs get fleas in a family. You treat them all. If one dog in the home has worms, you treat them all. You just do it all at once so it doesn’t pass back and forth.

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