My Shelter Puppy has Sarcoptic Mange, Please Help?

Hi Everyone, I have been on the internet for about four hours now reading about this condition. After weeks of trying to figure out what was causing his itching with my vet, I finally called the rescue league where I had adopted him from. I knew this puppy’s mom, dad and littermates were all surrendered and they were all adopted prior to us adopting Milo (he was the last one and oh so cute)!! The shelter had him as a German Shepherd,Rottweiller, Collie mix, however, he does look a lot like an Aussie, so either way he is a herding dog. Anyway, when I called the rescue league they had gotten one of the puppies back a couple of weeks ago with a skin condition and the people who had adopted him couldn’t afford him. Since then, the shelter had done skin scrapings on him and couldn’t find anything but had given him Ivermectin injections and is doing considerably better. With this new information and talking to my vet and a dog dermatologist we are going to treat my pup with Revolution. My vet and the other doctor do not feel comfortable as do I to give him Ivermectin as he is a herding dog of some sort. I know the shelter had used it on the other pup, but I don’t want to take that chance. I have found comments both ways on the effectiveness of Revolution. Since this to me seems like the most obvious choice at this point, I have given both of my dogs the first treatment of Revolution this evening. (I have an eight year old beagle I had adopted six years ago and has never even had so much as a flea so this is all new for me). Has anyone had success using Revolution for treating Sarcoptic Mange? And if so, how long did it take for the itching to somewhat subside? Also, my beagle who just appeared with symptoms two days ago seems really out of sorts and is yelping when you touch her, is there anything anyone has used that I could mention to my vet to help relieve them? My vet hasn’t had many cases of this and I just want to be as informed as possible. Also, any suggestions on when I should disinfect my home? Both myself and my husband have broken out with a severe rash as well. As I had mentioned we were dealing with his itching for a few weeks and were treating him for dry skin. We had done skin scrapings and had found nothing. Once I had talked to the shelter and from the information I had gotten from them yesterday have we put the entire puzzle together. I had started with a rash roughly two weeks ago but I had started some new medication and I had also used some new fabric softener so I was in the process of ruling those things out as well, which now I know was not the issue as it didn’t clear up anyway. As soon as I found out yesterday, I got the premetherin cream and myself, husband and child have used it. I was able to get the Revolution for the dogs today and have applied it. For the humans, we have been more itchy today too, so if anyone had to be treated themselves, I would love to know how they made out on the premetherin and how quickly they felt relief. Funny thing, my son has not presented any symptoms at all, but he is being treated as a precaution. Thank you all for any input you will be able to provide.

This is my first post ever to any discussion forum. Found this one with the most intelligent responses, so thank you!
I just want to say thank you all for your input! Is there a way I can respond to your answers?

Long story…
Short answer…
There’s a test your vet can do for the MDR1 gene to see if your dog can safely be given ivermectin.

My Aussie is a “collie breed” and I didn’t know that when I gave him Ivermectin. Since it didn’t kill him when I first gave it to him, he’s safe to receive Ivermectin as he doesn’t have the gene that would cause him to die from the Ivermectin.

Since your dog’s sibling tolerated Ivermectin, your dog probably can be treated with it as well, but the test from healthgene will prove if your dog can be given Ivermectin. Good Luck with your challenges.

oh… if your dog can tolerate Ivermectin, then you can use that to treat it monthly to prevent heartworms. I can tell you how and it saves lots of money. -!-

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