Is the Fox Mite same as Sarcoptic Mange?

I found out last night that a relatives dog which comes out with my 3 huskies for walks has fox mites. Is this the same as Sarcoptic Mange? Does Frontline help prevent this?

Thanks in advance

They are the same. Most people refer to it as sarcoptic mange, instead of fox mites, but they are the same condition, and it is contracted by mites from foxes or from their burrows. Many dogs get it when they haven’t been in contact with a fox or it’s burrow, but the mites are still around! It’s very, VERY contagious, so it is definitely possible that your dogs could have been exposed to it and may start showing signs of it. It is officially diagnosed only by a skin scraping at the vet’s office, but if you start seeing any of your dogs scratching a lot or licking, you should take them all in for skin scrapings. If any of them do have it, they will need dips every week for 4-6 weeks. Don’t miss any! At my clinic we use Mitaban, but there are some others too. Frontline won’t help to prevent it or to cure it. Good luck, and I hope your doggies are OK!!!