advice on treating a dogs environment after sarcoptic mange.?

Okay I’ve been scouring the internet looking for some insight on this or for other people with the same problem but have turned up nothing. Okay I have a puppy that I rescued off of highway and she has sarcoptic mange, my older dog has also now contracted it. They are both inside dogs and I was wondering how I should go about treating my home for the mites after I bring them back from the vet. Im hoping to get them both shots of Ivermetcin (sp) and was wondering would that protect them while I clean and do laundry and stuff or should I find a way to keep them outside? Also has anyone ever tried that revolution products? Its relatively new and I was just trying to decide between the two because my puppy is small and Im afraid it could hurt her. Anyway, Would head lice spray be good to treat the environment. How long do mites live off the host. And will the mites on my husband and I go away once we have treated the dogs??? Please someone help. Im really at a loss here.

Hi, buy a product called Permethrin(Permethryn?) its a powder used to kill mites on roses and other plants:go to gardening centre!
This is only to treat the floors.The bedding and other clothing that you were wearing:hot water and soap(detergent)
Check Google:scabies treatment(yes people get it too!)
Are you getting any itchy spots anywhere (usually people get it on the waist, upper body)

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