a pet I rehomed gave my pet sarcoptic mange?

Ok my ex boyfriend couldn’t take care of his dog so I took her.
I tried to rehome her. I never could find a good home for her.

Well back in January I found her a home I thought. They seemed to love her and she stayed with them until about 4 weeks ago.
They called and said they couldn’t take care of her anymore. So we went and got her.

Well as soon as we got her home she was itching and scratching furiously. We assumed fleas (we saw fleas on her) so we treated her with frontline immediately and gave her children’s benadryl.

Then my cat started itching so I was like damnit now the cat has fleas!!!

..Well..they were both still itching even after flea meds. So we took the dog to the vet.

Sarcoptic mange.

We took the cat to the vet.

Sarcoptic mange.

I am furious now. Those people gave me back a dog with the mange that has now infested my cat.

I really want to say something to them.. should I? Or should I just let it go?

I can’t prove they gave it to her other than the fact she was itching furiously within hours of us getting her home from their house, and NONE of my cats had ANY fleas, itching, rashes, hair loss, ticks, or anything at all until we brought back the dog.

You should confront her previous owners in person with the fact that the dog had Sarcoptic mange and make them pay for the flea treatment, vet and any thing else you had to pay for because of that for both you cat and dog.Good luck

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