I was only asking because my dog zoey has demodectic mange and someone suggested?

diluting hydrogen peroxide and putting it with 20 Mule Team borax for a cure. I have taken her to the vet so I know what she has I just dont have the $117.00 per dip its going to take to get rid of it. Anyway the dip stuff is only $25.00 but he will not perscribe it for me. The Vet. Im guessing its all about the money.

Try contacting a different veterinarian who might have cheaper prices. Be sure to bring your records from the previous vet which prove that your dog does have demodex, so they don’t have to do a second skin scraping. You can also ask your local animal shelter, Humane Society, or SPCA if they offer low cost veterinary care. The only way to get rid of Demodex is with treatment from a Veterinarian. There are no magic over the counter fixes.

*dogs can get domodex in other ways than just from their mother. Demodex mites naturally live on a dogs skin, but if they are immune suppressed the mites can take over, causing irritation. A lot of times puppies get demodex while they are in an animal shelter, not from their mother, but just from the stress on their immune system from being in the shelter.