How long does it take for canine mange to go away?

Three days ago we dipped our two puppies in a solution (Pyrithine?) the vet gave us. She said we would need to dip them again in 10 days which we plan to do. However they are still scratching so much that sores are coming up (not to mention crying), we called the vet and she said to give them children’s benadryl to help them relax. Three doses later and one of them is no longer relaxing, but still scratching. What can I do for my puppies???

It depends on the type of mange (there are two types, demodectic and scarcoptic), but it usually takes about 4-8 weeks depending on how bad the mange is.

Do not use anything on the dog (or give it any medication) without first consulting your vet.

Also the oral medication that a poster below spoke of is ivermectin, and it is used to treat demodectic mange. It is very very dangerous because you have to dose it to an almost lethal amount. I do not recommend it. My vet used amatraz dips for my dog with demodex (I do not know what your vet is having you use, but the dip I used kind of smells like mothballs) along with a week of antibiotics to help with the skin infection from itching.

If your dog has scarcoptic mange (the contagious kind) you can use Revolution. It is a topical flea medication that also kills that scarcopties mites. It is kind of expensive, but it works better than any other treatment that I have found.