how expensive could be Demodex mange treatment be?

im really sure that my puppy has Demodex mange she has scabs over pinkish red skin were patches of hair are missing but there on her head and on her some on her back and alittle on one of her thighs and i just want to know how expensive treatment could be please help

Depends on how they treat it.

My 9 month old lab went through mitaban dips to treat her mange when I first got her at 6 months old.

She had four of them and it cost about $30 a dip, plus the initial skin scrape and skin scrapes on dips 3 and 4. My vet keeps dipping until two negative skin scrapes. Each scarpe was about $20.

After adopting her and continuining the treatment as recommended by her initial vet, a friend that is a vet pathologist told me that it is routine (and cheaper) to use ivermectin (the active ingredient in heartworm preventative) taken once or twice daily for a couple of months to treat demodex.

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