how do i get rid of sarcoptic mange in my puppy of 14 weeks?

I recently bought a staffy pup and he has some kind of rash with a lot of scabs and spots everywhere on his face and front quarters he is also very itchy the vet has given him a flea drop treatment for this i did some research on the net and all the symptoms seem to be pointing to SARCOPTIC MANGE!! Please help I want to get rid of this for him as fast as possible

Ask the vet to do a skin scraping. That way they will be able to microscopically see what is going on. There are two types of mange and that can be decided by the scraping. If it is sarcoptic they will have you treat him with a Lym dip but it will take a few dips to clear it up. The other kind of mange that is very common in puppies is demodex. That is caused by a flare up of mites that he already has on his skin. That can be treated with oral meds such as ivormectin or interceptor or with a dip. This will also take a while to clear up depending on severity and method of treatment.

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