Demodex mange getting worse after proper treatment?

I have a blue heeler mix puppy who started loosing hair around 4 months of age. Vet did a scrape and showed demodex mange (aka puppy mange) and gave us four treatments of Promeris.
After the first treatment, she seemed to be more itchy for a day or two, then got much better and some hair started growing back. About a week before she was due for a second dose, she got very itchy again and was loosing more hair on her face and started loosing hair on her legs and her back.
I called the vet to see if I could treat her early, but she said to wait until the day she was due and it’s normal for it to spread a little after the first dose. Last week I gave her the second dose and she is more itchy than ever and loosing a lot of hair on her legs and back now. She is NOT bald, but she has many thin patches and her facial hair is very thin.
7 days after the second treatment (this past Sunday) I gave her a bath with an antibiotic shampoo and an oatmeal shampoo to hopefully soothe the skin and help keep her from itching herself raw.
The bath helped with the itching but she is still loosing a lot of hair.
I was wondering if I should see my vet again about doing some kind of medicated dips or if I should just continue with the last two doses of Promeris??

Also, has anyone else had a dog with demodex mange? Did it get worse before it got better?

I just feel bad for my pup, I just want her to be healthy.


My female is recovering from Demodex right now. She had a severe case of the generalized form of Demodex. Her vet did a skin scraping in two different places to confirm that it was in fact, Demodex and not the Sarcoptic(which is contagious to other animals and humans). It was Demodex. She ended up getting pustules from it, which meant that they were getting infected. Pretty bad. The vet prescribed Ivermectin. She started at .15cc and every day she told me to increase it by .15cc.just until day 6. By day 6 she was at .90cc, she told me to continue the medication for 30 days. Ivermectin isn’t safe for all dogs, herding dogs especially, so talk to your vet and see if your dog would be OK with this treatment. It is also used as a heartworm and parasite preventative. She was also prescribed Cephalexin that she had to take twice a day and a medicated shampoo(Benzoyl Peroxide) which opened up her pores. I had to give her a bath 3 days a week and when I put the shampoo on her I had to leave it on for 15 minutes, before I could rinse it out. I didn’t see anything, but progress from these treatments. It has been 1 month and all of her hair, except for a little patch on her head where the vet did a recheck scraping, is looking better than ever. After the 30 days, when she did the recheck, she only found 4 live mites, and she is still on her meds for another 30 days. I am very pleased at the results. 🙂 I hope that this helps and your baby gets better 🙁