How is the PuracleenRx disinfectant spray used – Not A Mange Spray

This video offers Mange Spray information that can be found at . It also tells about how and where disinfectant sprays can be used when your pet has mange in an effort to keep your pet area clean and free from bacteria.  A disinfectant spray is not to be confused with a mange spray.  A disinfectant spray will keep the environment clean and free from virusus, bacteria and fungus while the mange spray will kill the mites.

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How is the PuracleenRx disinfectant spray used
Not A Mange Spray

Sarcoptic mange poses as a large inconvenience to a pet. It is among the most popular kinds of mange that is found on dogs. It is often referred to as a type of scabies. We will first examine how this disease has been known to work. Then it is important to examine not only the different medicines, but their effects.  Non Toxic Mange Spray Treatments work very well and they do not seem to have any side effects.  Check out the Mange Spray Treatments from PetsBestRx.

Many people wonder what exactly what this type of mange is and the effect it has on their animal. Sarcoptic is among the most popular styles of mange and is the easiest to cure with the right non toxic mange spray.

The disease is caused by mites that nest within the fur of a dog. This parasite then attacks and irritates the skin. This causes fur loss. However, fur loss and skin irritation might not be caused, by mange. Several allergies in dogs have these properties as well.

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Several types of toxic oral medications may be administered to dogs that suffer from very serious cases of this mange; however using a non toxic Mange Spray is the best way to go. They are simply liquid medications that the dog is given to ingest. Ivermectin as well as Moxidectin are two very popular ones. They work internally within the animal to attack this mange. A larger than recommended dose is never advisable as it could have dangerous side effects.

Chemical dipping is perhaps the most popular method of fighting sarcoptic mange in dogs; yet it is the worst on side effects. This means that the dog is picked up and actually dipped into a tub full of medication. Amitaz, Mitaban as well as lime sulfur are popular chemicals used for dipping. A certified vet will be well aware of the best dipping schedules. If a dog is over dipped, the side effects could be dangerous because of the toxic properties of these chemicals.

In between chemical dips or other types of treatment the dog is usually bathed with Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo. Sometime this is the only treatment necessary for less severe mange cases. This shampoo help to sooth the skin and fight the infection on a topical basis. The shampoo also helps chase away the mite parasite that causes the disease.

There are several tips to go by when having a dog treated for mange. Following these tips makes the process as simple as possible. If your dog has hair of a longer length it should be cut very short. This helps the effectiveness of the shampooing and dipping processes. Also make sure the vet does a skin test for at least every four dips. This will aid in viewing the progression of the treatment.

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