Natural Home Dog Mange Treatment

What is dog mange?

dog mangeDog mange is very contagious. If you have a healthy pet that has been around an infected animal, there is a very good chance that he will contract the disease. Dog mange generally occurs in unclean and unhealthy dogs, so if your pet has been in contact with one that is afflicted, it is very crucial that you act immediately to prevent the spreading of the disease. A healthy dog is one with a strong immune system and that will make it easier to fight off the parasites.

Signs of dog mange

One of the signs of dog mange is excessive scratching and this is what causes sores on the skin. Mites burrow under the dogs skin and will cause the dog to lose hair in that area. The skin will become dry, crusty, thick and wrinkled. Mites reproduce and when this happens, there will be a pungent odor coming from the affected area. In addition, your pet will probably develop blisters and bleeding.

Dog mange treatment

It is always best and safest to treat your dog mange naturally when possible. If your pet has a severe case of dog mange, you will probably need the help of your veterinarian for mange treatment. That being said; do not let it get to that point.

If you suspect that your pet has dog mange, give a boost to his immune system with herbal supplements. Astragalus, Echinacea and Arabinogalactans can sometimes be helpful. Give these supplements to your dog orally. It is also very helpful to treat the infected area with aloe vera, tea tree oil and vitamin E. Make sure the product you are selecting to treat dog mange is for topical use and beware of un-diluted oils as they can be toxic to your dog.