what is the exact measurements of peroxide, bleach & water that i should use to get rid of mange mites on dogs

my mom found the answer on yahoo somewhere but i cant find it. it was free advice no purchase necessary. i just need to know how much bleach and how much peroxide in how much water. i cant afford a vet and i dont have a credit card or checking account to order any product. free advice please!!!

Dear Trublupi,The moron that propagates that old wives tale on how to cure or rid a pet of mites should be made to use the toxic mix on himself. DON’T even try to formulate such a mixture as the inggredients that you can purchase otc are close,they are not chemicaly compat. Here’s a sure fire cure for mites, if you’re sure that’s what pet has: Top shelf baby shampoo,J&J no more tears is good. Bathe pet in tepid water and using a wash towel,lather,rinse,lather and rinse. Let pet dry for an hour or so then using a Stridex pad or sim. massage areas and outward about an inch or two.Make sure pets infected area is saturated. An hour or so later use a water based aloe GEL,not oil based, and gently massage into affected area. You may have to do this a few more times,3 days apart,but this should help you. Oh, make sure you sanitize pets sleeping and workout area.Best Wishes and GoodLuck Trublupi

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