Could my dogs get MANGE from sniffing another dog?

My dogs went around a dog with MANGE. Did not find this out till weeks later other wise my dogs would not have went near it.. Can they catch MANGEE from just sniffing other dog or what? & How?

Depends on the kind of mange the other dog had. There are two kinds of mange : Demodectic and Sarcoptic.
Sarcoptic is the one that is highly contagious and can easily be spread from dog to dog, even humans. Demodectic cannot be ruled out either because it too can be contagious but not generally. If your dog has mange, there are some symptoms you should be looking for mainly, Itching , scabs and hairloss. You should take your dog to the veternairan for a check. Please clean any areas your dog might have been in , especially its bedding.
Someone should be notified of the dog carrying the mange. The dog needs to be treated for the sake of itself and other dogs it might come in contact with.

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