Who do I call and is this Mange?

My cousin has three cats. I’ve only see one of them and its pretty rough looking. The cats is very skinny and it has a patch of fur missing near its tail and the fur that’s left is horrible looking. It seemed like it had what looked like dandruff. I wanna know if this is mange. I also am planning on calling animal control to see if they can take the cats but i’m not sure if I they can help. Is there anyone else I can call and whats the spca number for indiana.

Just google no-kill shelters and enter the name of your city, county, or region. Call someone local who does not euthanize. This could be mange or it could be any number of other things. Only a vet or an expert would be able to tell. Malnutrition can cause fur loss, too. Try to call someplace that won’t just look at them and put them down. But do let them know that this is an animal cruelty situation, because anyone who lets their animals run around malnourished and ill is not a responsible owner, and the animals deserve a chance at a loving, forever home.

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