Can your mange products be used on pregnant or nursing animals

Safe mange products for pregnant or nursing animals

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Petsbestrx mange products

Some of our mange products cannot be used on pregnant or nursing animals. It is suggested to use our mange products on pets that are at least four weeks of age. Usually by this age their immune system is higher and can start to undergo treatment using our mange products.

All of our mange products are completely safe and non-toxic. Our mange products are proven 98.5% successful through trials and studies. Animals with mange usually are suffering with a lowered immune system. It is important to boost your pet’s immune system with vitamins of immune boost foods. One of the mange products you can use is our PetsBestRx Mighty Vites. These immune booster vitamins will quicken your mange treatment and help with hair re-growth.

Other mange products

We do offer our mange products like PetsBestRx Pet Wash, Mitactin Spray and Sulfinex Cream for the treatment of mange on your pet. To treat mange you would first use the Pet Wash and then you would need to alternate the Mitactin Spray and the Sulfinex Cream every other day to treat for the mange mites on your pet. The Mitactin Spray and the Sulfinex Cream are used lightly only to the affected areas. They do not require rinsing. If the mange products are not working for you, you must call our customer service specialists in the first seven days of treatment to specialize a regimen for your pet.