Mange in a puppy?

I have a 7 month old Coon Hound! She is losing hair right around her butt and back legs. That is it! I really cant afford a vet right now either. I have had a few different people tell me that it was mange and some tell me it was allergies. I dont think its mange cause that is the only place she is losing her hair, but if I where to give her a mange dip, would it hurt her if she doesnt have mange? Does anyone else have any suggestions on what to do???
WOW, ALOT OF YOU PEOPLE ARE REALLY HARSH! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY DOG. THATS THE END OF THAT! She doesnt have fleas at all! She gets bathed once a week at home and twice a month at the vet. I just dont have the cash at the moment!

Hair loss primarily in the rear can also be a result of flea-bite allergies. She should really be diagnosed by a vet, but if you turly can’t find the money ANY way you loook, I’d probably treat for fleas before I tried mange medications, which are primarily by prescription anyway. Whatever you do, don’t buy into that “dip your dog in kerosene to kill mange” story. You’ll likely kill your dog along with any parasites.