what is the best way to treat demo or red mange in dogs?

I have a 10 month old boxer mix that has been diognosed with demo mange. Nothing seems to work. We are giving him a peroxide bath and Mitaban dip once a week. The mange now covers 40% of his body. I really don’t want to put him down. Anybody dealt with this? Any wisdom?

Have you had him neutered yet? The hormones of puberty can really flare it up. Plus, you can’t breed him anyway….you don’t want him to pass this on to any pups (it’s caused by a specific defect in the immune system that is hereditary, which allows the mite to reproduce deep in the hair follicles in the skin.) If his breeders had been as conscientious and ethical to do so with whichever of his parents had it, then you wouldn’t have to be battling this huge headache right now…and maybe for the rest of your dog’s life, if he’s one of the ones who has periodic flare-ups.

As to treatment of generalized demodicosis (which is what your dog has…it will not spontaneously clear up), I hope you meant a benzoyl peroxide shampoo bath….not a hydrogen peroxide bath. Benzoyl peroxide helps physically flush out the hair follicles (which helps), but hydrogen peroxide will only make it worse….much, much worse.

Your dog needs to be on antibiotics for the folliculitis (usually for 4-8 weeks in a row), and antihistamines for the inflammation. Under no circumstances can he EVER have any cortisone/steroids in any form….or he might flare up again in the future, even if he appears “cured.”

Mitaban can only legally be applied by a veterinarian or an appropriately trained technician. It’s regulated by the EPA, and it’s against the law for your DVM to sell it to you for use at home. (Assuming you’re in the U.S.) That’s because of dangers to the environment. It’s also dangerous to humans. It has actually been off the market for awhile, so what you have might be expired product….which might be why it’s not working. Or, you simply may be using it incorrectly. It’s too hard to explain how to do that here. I used to put my techs through a 2-hr training before letting them do it, and only under supervision.

Ask your DVM about treating him with a special dosage regimen of ivermectin. It is given orally. Don’t try to do it on your own, or you might kill him. Done correctly, however, I have seen it clear up quite a number of Mitaban-resistant cases….and with much fewer rates of side effects. I have treated well over 100 dogs with this method, and have yet to have a treatment failure as we used to often see with Mitaban. Although not FDA-approved for this use in dogs, it is currently the preferred method of treatment. Every DVM in the U.S. knows about it…..unless he/she just has not read any journals, textbooks, or gone to any continuing education conferences in the past several years.

Burnt motor oil sometimes reduces the itching associated with SARCOPTIC mange….not demodectic mange. And if you use it, you’ll likely end up with a dog with significant liver damage due to the toxic substances it contains, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. The pepper didn’t prevent the Indian dogs from getting a hereditary condition that they just never had in the first place.

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