puppy has localized demodectic mange?

I noticed a little bald patch by my 3 month old rat terriers eye. I also noticed hes been rubbing his eyes recently. After some research he may have localized demodectic mange. I was just curious if anyone else had to deal with this. its resported that it should go away on it’s own, i will certainly keep an eye on it. but does anyone have any “background” on localized demodectic mange and the likely ness it will go away on it’s own? theres only one spot and its not complete hair loss. thanks
This is only one site, but there are others that state the same thing.. Localized Demodicosis is often found in younger dogs, around one year old, and often resolve themselves without further intervention. http://dogs.about.com/cs/disableddogs/a/bldisease117.htm

The best thing to do would be to take him to the vet and make sure that this is what it is. I have never heard of Mange going away on its own.

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