My Dog Has Demodectic Mange?

My 6 month old pit bull puppy has demodectic mange and the vet perscribed this cream and it didnt work then i used borax and peroxide mix and it seemed to work but she has a nest of them on her neck and its red and gets hot sometimes i thought they died because there was a red bump that had went away but now it seems to be coming back but her mange had cleared up you can still see bald spots but it has gotten alot better what should i do??? I dont have money to bring her to the vet and will the mange eventually clear up on its own as her amune system gets better??

The treatment for Demodex mange is not expensive at all. You could get some oral Ivermectin from your vet-just a few pennies a day, and cure your dog.
The alternative is a dog dying of severe mange. I would suggest you spend the few $$ and get the dog the medical attention she needs.

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