is Demodectic Mange contagious?

my boxer pup came up with a case of localized mange but then turned into generalized mange on her face. when she had localized mange the vet gave us goodwinol ointment. which didnt help at all. we took her back to the vet he then did some skin scrapping to make sure it was demodectic mange were going to take her every two weeks to get dipped and he gave some pills to give her also. so thats a little background. well i have two other dogs a 10 month old boxer mixed with a pit bull i noticed that she was losing hair on her legs just were her muscles or joints are at i have noticed this in other dogs but now am paranoid thinking that she has mange. i checked pictures that i took before i got my new puppy and i noticed that she was balding in the spots that i have seen bald. i have looked all over the internet and it says that it is not as long as the other dog is healthy and my dog is healthy. so can my other dog get it?

technically the demodectic mite is contagious – BUT ALL dogs have it! it only if the dog has a hereditary susceptibility or a weakened immune system (which can be from illness or a stress such as moving) lets the mites get outta control is there problems. soifyou just moved or have some other upheval stresing the dogs thay could both break out but otherwise not likely with demedex (now SARCOPIC mange in another story)

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