Demodectic Mange questions?

I have a Bull Terrier pup that got diagnosed with Demodectic Mange.And I’m wondering how long it takes before he gets rid of this problem, I asked the vet and didn’t really get a straight answer. And just curious anyone else have a dog with this problem.
And another question He is being treated with a medicated shampoo and being dipped twice a month with Mitaban and the vet stressed over and over to make sure I wear gloves when I dipped him,So if it is harmful to me wouldn’t it be just as harmful to my puppy?

My puppy is going through the dips at the vet’s office (they have a groomer there who we drop the puppy off, pick him up at night). He’s so far had 3 dips and is looking MUCH better, but when we go to the vet again on Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs one more (she estimated that it would be 2-4 dips in total). As my vet said, they do one more past resolution. However, after just the first two dips (accidentally done two weeks in a row when they should have been every other week), his fur started coming back and he looks more like a happy puppy than a “mangy mutt”.

Also, from the way I understood it, the Mitaban isn’t harmful, but it can give your dog side effects (our puppy tends to be much more subdued and has runny stool for a day or two after the dip). My boyfriend and I cuddle and pet him as much as usual with no problems, but as a precaution we DO keep him separate from our other puppy for the night.

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