Demodectic Mange in Puppies?

Has anyone had a young dog with Demodectic mange? My puppy has it and has been dipped once in dipp that contains amitraz. I really dont want to have to have him dipped in it again. Has anyone had a puppy with it and just allowed the puppy to outgrow it?. Or has anyone had any luck with anything else that worked on this type of Mange?

I contacted the breeder that we got him from and she is getting her female spayed, so no other puppies will have to go through this. I was planning to get my puppy fixed. I didnt get him to breed. I sure hope this gets better, not sure I could put him down. My vet said that by age 1 there system is mature and may fight it off after that. Does anyone know of something that would boost him immune system. I know he dont need a steriod, that will weaken his system and work against this mange

Nine times out of 10 if a puppy has it he was born with it and though it may appear to go away, it usually isn’t really away.

All dogs are born with this specific mite. It’s just that some dogs have a harder time fighting off the mites. And it will continue to come back. After 3 various treatments, I finally put my puppy to sleep (he was 16 weeks old). His mange would go away and then come back after a week or two.

Discuss options with your vet but definately have your puppy nuetered as he can transmit this to other dogs and it can be heredetary so all his puppies will have it too.