Are there any immunity boosters for a puppy with demodectic mange?

I have a puppy who has mange so bad that her face looks like a Halloween mask. We are using the mite dip but it pains me to look at her. I am surprised that the veterinary world has not come up with a vaccine for mange or an effective mange treatment.

Demodex in pups usually clears up on its own even without a  mange treatment. His own immune system will catch up and learn to deal with it. You worry about demodex when it strikes an adult because that’s very rare, but it’s fairly common for puppies. All dogs have demodex mites, but not all have full immunity from birth. Pups also experience some immunity gaps when they are weaned and receive their first two sets of shots which challenge their systems to get them producing antibodies. Your pup already has the mites (they all do) so a vaccine wouldn’t do anything but make things worse.

Vaccines don’t work by giving the dog protection directly, but by challenging the dog’s own immune system to force it to produce antibodies of its own. Your pup’s system is already being challenged and is already learning to fight back.

Two of my dogs had minor breakouts as puppies. For those two, it was all over in a couple of weeks, the fur was back, and there was no lasting sign it had ever happened. If it’s more than on the eye lids and lips, then you do need to visit the vet, or if it lasts more than a couple of weeks.

I just use PetsBestRx as a  mange treatment and it has always turned out fine for me.