are breeders responsible for puppies wit demodectic mange?

I purchased a puppy from a AKC registered breeder and found out that he had demodectic mange. The breeder guarenteed the health of the puppy and I have made several attempts to contact her reguarding this problem with no luck. I have had to take my puppy several times to the vet to try to resolve this issue and the vet bills are piling up. Is the breeder responsible for my puppy?

AKC registers dogs NOT breeders.

Demodex can be caused by a variety of things — it can have a genetic component, it can have a trauma component (I had one get it from me doing obedience and stepping on the inside right toe — that toe got demodex! When I became more careful and no more stepping on that toe, no more problem!), it can have a nutritional component.

Give this pup high quality food, the baths as prescribed from your vet and let him grow. Breeder may or may not help with this…this is a grey area, but regardless the breeder should be calling back.

Why don’t you just go visit the breeder to talk. Remember, this may NOT be her problem…if you are feeding crappy nutrition, you could be at fault.