Anyone with dogs who have/had Demodex mange?

My 4 month old puppy has Demodex mange (yes, she was diagnosed with it). The vet gave me some Goodwinol (I think that is what it is called) Ointment to apply to the patches everyday, however, it seems like she is getting more and more patches everyday. You can hardly notice unless you know they are there but I’d have to apply the oinment basically on her whole stomach just to get every area.
My question is, what other effective treaments are there and about how much do they cost? My vet mentioned oral meds and a “dip”, never said anything about shampoo…?

Thanks!! =)
Thanks to your answers so far, however, I’m really wondering the cost of treatments you’ve used and what worked.
I hate it when people answer my questions with info I already know like, “Take her back to the vet and find something more effective”….I’m not a RETARD…I know that!!
She IS going back to the vet but not for another 2 more weeks!
Don’t “answer” my question if you are either stating pure common sense or giving the same answer other people have already given.

But thanks to the ones who have left some great answers so far!! =)

My 8 month old puppy was diagnosed with it as well. The vet gave me a medicated shampoo and a dip, that we had to bathe him in once per week for 4 weeks (We’re still have one treatment left and it already went away). The dip was VERY strong, and my dog was usually lethargic for about 2-3 days after each bath. (which the Vet said was normal).

All together, it was $95 through my vet. I can’t remember the name, but I have it at home, I will answer again tonight and let you know exactly what it is called. It worked really well and it is all cleared up now.