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a pet I rehomed gave my pet sarcoptic mange?

Ok my ex boyfriend couldn’t take care of his dog so I took her.
I tried to rehome her. I never could find a good home for her.

Well back in January I found her a home I thought. They seemed to love her and she stayed with them until about 4 weeks ago.
They called and said they couldn’t take care of her anymore. So we went and got her.

Well as soon as we got her home she was itching and scratching furiously. We assumed fleas (we saw fleas on her) so we treated her with frontline immediately and gave her children’s benadryl.

Then my cat started itching so I was like damnit now the cat has fleas!!!

..Well..they were both still itching even after flea meds. So we took the dog to the vet.

Sarcoptic mange.

We took the cat to the vet.

Sarcoptic mange.

I am furious now. Those people gave me back a dog with the mange that has now infested my cat.

I really want to say something to them.. should I? Or should I just let it go?

I can’t prove they gave it to her other than the fact she was itching furiously within hours of us getting her home from their house, and NONE of my cats had ANY fleas, itching, rashes, hair loss, ticks, or anything at all until we brought back the dog.

You should confront her previous owners in person with the fact that the dog had Sarcoptic mange and make them pay for the flea treatment, vet and any thing else you had to pay for because of that for both you cat and dog.Good luck

Get more facts on Sarcoptic Mange and Treatment for it here.

Puppy with Sarcoptic Mange?

It has been a week since my puppy has been diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, I have only had her for 2 weeks,so she obviously had this at the breeders. I also have been infected and we are both being treated. THe vet has given her Ivomec oral dosage and she gets another dose once a week for the next 4 weeks.My Dr had to prescribe cream for me, and I have used it twice as directed. My question is, how will I know when the puppy is clearing up, and is there any kind of bath or anything I can give her to get this over with quicker? It also won’t seem to go away on me, anyone have any idea how long it takes to clear up in Humans after treatment? I have called the breeder and she has offered to pay for the puppy’s treatment, but not mine or my older dog’s treatment, who is not infected, but they have to treat him anyway as a precaution. We are going crazy!!! Thanks so much!
What kind of lice shampoo? Can I get it at the drug store or do I need a script? And is it ok to use on my skin?? Thanks so much!

The cream will help your iritation but their life cycle is 21 days. A human is not the right enviroment so they may die off a little quicker but when I got them from our puppy it took about a couple of weeks or so. One thing that helps kill them on humans is lice shampoo.

Well Basically Mange Occurs In The Very Best Of Houses And Your Dog Is Just As Susceptible As Any Other.

When you see a dog with mange you instantly think it's been abused in some form and that your puppy will never look like that. Well essentially mange occurs in the very best of houses and your dog is just as susceptible as any other. They lay eggs which turn into larvae which turn into adults who find chums and start laying more eggs and the cycle just keeps going. Mange is a condition due to minute mites that bore into the skin of a dog and live their lives about 1 to 2 millimeters deep. Demodectic mange in your pussies could cause alopecia also but may also cause miniscule red patches that may become highly inflamed.

This skin disorder in your pet is considered extraordinarily dangerous as it can end up in bacterial illnesses in their skin. It is normally local in that it'll affect only little areas of your cat’s body, but if it is harsh enough it'll become generalized, implying that it has effects on big portions. They assist in fighting against mange by increasing your dog’s immunological reaction. Cheyletialla mange is also called walking dandruff as it is due to a bigger sort of red mite that produces scaling or flaking on your pet’s skin that truly looks like dandruff. The products you choose should be endorsed for topical use. Mange is due to mites in your dog’s skin, so to treat mange effectively, you have to shed the mites. Some pure important oils are noxious, so be certain to read the instructions and cares before applying oils to your dog’s skin.

One cheap and acceptable way to kill off mites is to spread an insubstantial layer of petroleum jelly on your dog’s fur. A good medicated shampoo will become successful in treating this mild case of mange. It brings itching and light dandruff over the dog’s body. Sarcoptic is another sort of mange which is more significant, but easy to treat if diagnosed in time. The different indications of Mange are : Hair Loss-this could be a small or a lot, Itching and scratching-This customarily only happens in the areas affected, Red spots, Blisters, and Infection. This sort of mange is infectious to humans. It's exceedingly important when you first spot signs of Mange to see a Vet immediately. One of the largest concerns with mange is the secondary bacterial infection. As symptoms progress your dog will deteriorate with no treatment.

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