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Demodectic Mange questions?

I have a Bull Terrier pup that got diagnosed with Demodectic Mange.And I’m wondering how long it takes before he gets rid of this problem, I asked the vet and didn’t really get a straight answer. And just curious anyone else have a dog with this problem.
And another question He is being treated with a medicated shampoo and being dipped twice a month with Mitaban and the vet stressed over and over to make sure I wear gloves when I dipped him,So if it is harmful to me wouldn’t it be just as harmful to my puppy?

My puppy is going through the dips at the vet’s office (they have a groomer there who we drop the puppy off, pick him up at night). He’s so far had 3 dips and is looking MUCH better, but when we go to the vet again on Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs one more (she estimated that it would be 2-4 dips in total). As my vet said, they do one more past resolution. However, after just the first two dips (accidentally done two weeks in a row when they should have been every other week), his fur started coming back and he looks more like a happy puppy than a “mangy mutt”.

Also, from the way I understood it, the Mitaban isn’t harmful, but it can give your dog side effects (our puppy tends to be much more subdued and has runny stool for a day or two after the dip). My boyfriend and I cuddle and pet him as much as usual with no problems, but as a precaution we DO keep him separate from our other puppy for the night.

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Treating puppy for Sarcoptic mange.?

Hello, just found out that my puppy has Sarcoptic mange =( The doctor told me it very curable, and i shouldn’t worry. He gave me this dip that should clear it up within a few weeks. He told me to wash all his bedding in hot water, but is there anything I can do to treat the rest of the house, he’s an inside dog, hes a lil yorkie so there no way im going to stick him out side, and I have carpet and tile troughtout the house were he’s been. Will spraying Lysol Disinfectant kell these things? I forgot to ask the vet about that, and he failed to mention it. Please help if you can, thanks.
The Dip is called LymDyp, and he said that because its not so sevire, the dip should be enought, my pup has not lost hair from it, and i did get a few bumps on my arm from carrying him, but im not worried about that, the Doc told me it not posible to contract it, as its a k9 mite, and the mite just bite me because it though i was the host.

The parasites will die on their own in a couple of days without a host. You don’t need to worry about it. As long as your dog got good enough medicine that the mites can’t live on him for a few days, they will all die on their own.

puppy has localized demodectic mange?

I noticed a little bald patch by my 3 month old rat terriers eye. I also noticed hes been rubbing his eyes recently. After some research he may have localized demodectic mange. I was just curious if anyone else had to deal with this. its resported that it should go away on it’s own, i will certainly keep an eye on it. but does anyone have any “background” on localized demodectic mange and the likely ness it will go away on it’s own? theres only one spot and its not complete hair loss. thanks
This is only one site, but there are others that state the same thing.. Localized Demodicosis is often found in younger dogs, around one year old, and often resolve themselves without further intervention.

The best thing to do would be to take him to the vet and make sure that this is what it is. I have never heard of Mange going away on its own.

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