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how to cure sarcoptic mange on a puppy? @ home?

i have 2 puppies one siberian husky who was born july9th and a siberian husky/german shepard mix who was born june5th, i just found out that the brother of the siberian husky has mange nd so i know the sister has it since her face’s fur is falling a little and she plays a lot with my other puppy the mixed one so i know she probably got it she has no signs of it but never know, can any1 tell me a real good home cure for it? or something cheap? i have 3 kids so its real important for me
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The brother of the siberian husky has sarcoptic mange I gave him 2 another person who got it checked todays

There is no ‘home remedy’ for sarcoptic mange. It’s also highly contagious, so expect the other puppy to pick it up as well. Even if he doesn’t have it, the vet will probably want to treat him, too. The standard protocol is to treat all dogs in the household if one is diagnosed.

Your dog needs to see a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. Explain that money is VERY tight and you would like to know what the least expensive, but still effective, option will be to treat.

Here’s an excellent link on sarcoptic mange, including possible treatments:

Click here on how to cure sarcoptic mange on a puppy.

stray cat with mange?what should i do?

a stray cat has been coming to my house, ive been feeding it because it was starving , i think it has mange, its fur is all messed up and its eyes are weird…i havent touched it but i have 2 cats of my own that go outside and they fight with it.what should i do?i dont want it to be put to sleep…is their a cure for mange?

although there are treatments for mange, you cannot be sure that it has mange until you take it in to a vet. Do your cats have their vaccinations up to date? have you recently had them checked out by your vet? when you say fighting, is it just some scratches or bite wounds as well? If this cat is a stray, call the local humane society to pick it up, if it is sick, it needs to be cared for, and if nobody is willing to care for it, it deserves a humane death instead of being hit by a car, chewed up by a dog or die of feline leukaemia or infectious peritonitis by itself under a bush or deck slowly. If you can trap it and get it looked after you may find that it is not a bad cat, just simply an unkempt one and it might learn to live with your cats. In the end, don’t trust it has ‘just mange’, it may carry any number of other diseases, that may not only be dangerous to your cats but perhaps to dogs or humans also, like rabies for example. I don’t like to see these cats be euthanized either, but it is better to have a humane death, than a miserable life and suffer for some irresponsible human’s actions. You never know, it might be tattooed or microchipped and then you can try to locate the owner. Good Luck to you and your cats with this situation.

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What steps can I take for my cat so that his "mange" does not come back ?

He has recovered from a severe mange that he must have got from my dog.
His skin is back to normal after the vet injected him and I have been putting some ointment behind his back of his ears.

What can I do to make sure that my cat does not get mange again ?
The vet told me it is demoxic or something like that name kind of Mange.

Demodectic mange is caused by the demodex mite. This mite naturally lives in or near hair follicles on all mammals. A flare up, such as the condition mange usually occurs when the host’s immune system is compromised or they have a sensitivity to the mites.

The demodectic mange is not as common in cats as it is in dogs. Normally the mite that causes mange in cats is the sarcoptic “scabies” mite. The demodex mite is long and narrow (cigar shaped) and the sarcoptic mite is round or oval. Both are microscopic. The vet will usually do a skin scraping to correctly identify the mite.

Recommendations for preventing a future breakout is to thoroughly wash bedding (or discard if unwashable). Another recommendation from the sites below is to use Revolution. Revolution is available at your vet by prescription. It is a good product to also fight fleas, ear mites, and intestinal parasites.

Fighting mange can be a lot of work, I hope you don’t have to again.

Purrs to you and kitty.

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