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generalized demodectic mange?

I’m looking at a dog (Pekingese) in a rescue shelter and it has the worst case of demodectic mange I have ever seen. The dog is 8-10 years old and is so bald on her entire body, you would think she is part Chinese Crested. He skin is blackish (maybe normal) so it’s hard to tell what color she really is.

Is it possible to have mange this bad and it not be a hereditary condition? Should I wait to adopt? They’ve told me they will keep treating her until it clears up but I’m concerned she’ll come home with us and it won’t clear up.

Finally she stinks so bad. If she’s getting dips for treatment, can I wash her? I just can’t take the smell.

No the they aren’t doing oatmeal baths since they say she can’t be bathed between dips. Also she had a bad reaction to the dip so is being treated at a lower dip solution. There are no plans to treat her with anything except the dip.

are they sure she doesnt have red mange, My pit does.. I was told she layed in insulation but my vet says insulation dont make there hair fall out. We had test run and she has red mange, which is hereditary. she to smelled horrible, regular mange dips didnt work,,,,she looked like she was related to a chinese crested or even Mr. Clean… stress causes the hair to fall out with red mange, such as heat cycles, change of ownership….etc…,,,, we gave her some infection pills and oral ivermectin,,,,but if you do give her oral ivermectin make sure she is heart worm neg,,,,,hope it helps,,,,just tell them youd take her if they can improve her condition,,,or maybe get another opinion.

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Cure for the sarcoptic mange blues?

My dogs have been treated for sarcoptic mange recently, and we are being treated as if they have the plague, even though we are keeping our guys quarantined and we wouldn’t dream of putting anyone’s dog at risk. How long after treatment can our dog’s be around other dogs, and how long does it take for someone to find out that their dog has contracted it (one of our friends has dogs, and although our dogs have not been around their dogs, they are concerned that my husband, who visited them outside of their home and away from their dogs twice before our dogs were diagnosed, may have put their dogs at risk).

I noticed when responding about gloves that this is causing you a lot grief so I hope this helps:

This can take a while to resolve so you are going to have to be patient. This can be a lingering problem (possibly months) where you need to give your pet many treatments and even after there isn’t evidence of the mites you may want to follow up with a few more treatments to make sure. The best way to diagnose/see if your pet still has mites is a skin scraping. However, it is possible to have false negatives – your pet has these mites, but the test comes back negative. The most safe and effective treatment is Revolution and Lyme-sulfur dips. The protocol for these treatments are as follows: Revolution – apply every 2 weeks for 3 treatments. Lyme-sulfur – dip once weekly for 6 weeks. Some vets also prescribe prednisone, a steroid which can compromise the immune system, to alleviate the intense itching. In addition to a protocol such as it is recommended that you disinfect the environment which these pets have lived because these mites can survive in the environment for up to 21 days. You would want to use an environmental pesticide. You must treat all animals in the household and check yourselves for any itchy rashes. This may sound exterme and most cases don’t necessarily need this intense of a work-up, but it is better to cover everything than allow a more serious situation to arise. I hope this information is helpful and I would discuss this more with your vet because every mange case is handled differently. Also, I know you were hesitant to use ivermectin, but it is very effective and is usually given every 2 weeks for 3-6 treatments – just in case you would like to know. This can happen to anyone and by just trying to be informed you are doing more than many who encounter this problem. Since these pests can cause such discomfort for pets and humans there tends to be an increased concern. While it is possible that your husband put your friend’s dogs at risk, it more than likely didn’t happen. These mites do not reproduce on humans as they do on animals therefore you and your husband could possibly get a rash from those moving from your dogs to you, but they wouldn’t multiply. Since humans can be carry these mites it is best to isolate your pets, as you are and i know it is hard, until the problem has subsided. I know that it isn’t realistic to not touch your pets while this problem is lingering, but try to just pet them and make sure to wash your hands throughly when done. Best of luck, things should begin to look better soon.

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I need a low cost treatment for my dogs mange. Anyone know of a natural cure?

I have spent in Excess of $900 at two different vets. I live in a big city with the best care. I am going at a different angle because I am worried that she will become Toxic from meds. Please Dont Answer if you need to be Critical. We adore our pet.
This Is DEMODICTIC mange

Unfortunately, Demodectic mange is the worst one, as it is caused by the parasites that already live in all of us. It usually comes out because of a weakened immune system, which can be caused by a malnourished mom, or removing the puppies from mom too soon. Please do not take your dog off the vet meds. It takes a long time for the symptoms of this kind of mange to go away, and if you pull the meds now, you might have a nasty recurrence.
I have a dog who I adopted at three months-she had mange so bad she was completely bald. We gave her all the meds for 7 months, and she is now completely a beauty queen. My vet gave me an immune system supplement vitamin to boost her immunities. It is only available from a vet and is called Duralactin. It is made from mothers milk and has mom’s immunities in it. It strengthened her immune system and enabled her to heal much faster than normal, and she has no bald patch recurrence at all.
You also need to know that this type of mange can recurr at any time during your dogs life, and you will need to be on the lookout for it.

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