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My puppy has demoductic mange, the treatment is expensive and toxic to her health. other treatment options?

the form of mange is demoex. it causes her to itch like crazy. her ears have bumps and scabs. and she bites herself till she bleeds. if we don’t take her to the vets she is only going to get worse. but i haven’t read very many good things about it. are there any other options for treatments?
i have taken her to the vet and they say the dips will help but if it’s toxic to her health shouldn’t i be trying to find another option?
the treatment IS EXPENSIVE. and frontline and advantix are NOT an option. this form of mange is herreditary and is caused when the puppy has an immature immune system, not a stressed immune system. and we haven’t let it go for too long as some have suggested. we have taken her to numerous vets before one figured out what is wrong. she can’y die from this she is just beyond very uncomfortable. i just want to make sure there aren’t any other LEGIT solutions before we pay over 400 something for a treatment that is hazardess to her health.

Just do the dips, they are not the best but it will clearly help her in this case. Then, see if there is any preventative things you can do so this doesn’t happen again. Good luck and I hope your pup feels better!

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follow up on last demodectic mange question.?

It has now been3 weeks since my last post which was awnsered very fully and helped out alot about my boy solo american pbt’s demodectic mange, I explained that he didnt have it very bad i cought it allmost as soonnas the spots startesd appearing about nickel size,though he was losing hair there it wasnt bad .a spot here a spot there,a total of abot 8.since then they seem to be healing pretty well no more ooze and hair is allmost full back in those spots.Hes had 2 out of 3 scheduled dips with the last due this fridayand need to know if it is neccesary to go for the last dip.i love my boy and want the best but if another dip can be prevented.Will the previously dips continue to work and will he get better.i just dont want to be used by the pet hosp.if 1 more dip will make that big of difference i will if not i can really use the money,any home remedys i could use will also be helpfull ty.

At our practice they get a minimum of 6 weekly amitraz dips. I’ve never heard of only doing 3. If you stop too soon and the mites aren’t killed, it can be even harder to treat them again. We skin scrape weekly after the 4th dip to make sure we don’t see any live mites for 2 weeks in a row. I wouldn’t stop. Here is a detailed website:

Why are mange and skin allergies very prevalent in dogs nowadays?

I had taken care of so many dogs,street breeds,no pedigrees before,all had healthy coats regardless of the food they consumed but the same breeds today are very sensitive to mites and allergies.I had observed those with white coats are most vulnerable,those with mixed coat colors,the white portions seem to be the first to manifest symptoms.

I think it has a lot to do with how poorly bred many of these animals are today. You never see pups from a good breeder get mange, but most of the byb dogs I pull into rescue and most of the pet store dogs I see have some mange.
When the mother is not cared for properly and the owner has no care for good nutrition through the pregnancy, then comes on Yahoo Answers the day of whelping to ask stupid questions, you know there are going to be immune deficiencies, among other health issues.
Years ago I never even heard of Demodex mange, now I see it in just about every rescue dog we have. My newest puppy foster just started losing hair and is scheduled for a trip to the vet now, and his breeder fed the mom donuts the whole time she was pregnant.

Edit: Wow, what a coincidence. The pup of the mother I mentioned above has just been diagnosed with Demodex.

Find out more about mange and skin allergies here.

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