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Demodectic Mange in Puppies?

Has anyone had a young dog with Demodectic mange? My puppy has it and has been dipped once in dipp that contains amitraz. I really dont want to have to have him dipped in it again. Has anyone had a puppy with it and just allowed the puppy to outgrow it?. Or has anyone had any luck with anything else that worked on this type of Mange?

I contacted the breeder that we got him from and she is getting her female spayed, so no other puppies will have to go through this. I was planning to get my puppy fixed. I didnt get him to breed. I sure hope this gets better, not sure I could put him down. My vet said that by age 1 there system is mature and may fight it off after that. Does anyone know of something that would boost him immune system. I know he dont need a steriod, that will weaken his system and work against this mange

Nine times out of 10 if a puppy has it he was born with it and though it may appear to go away, it usually isn’t really away.

All dogs are born with this specific mite. It’s just that some dogs have a harder time fighting off the mites. And it will continue to come back. After 3 various treatments, I finally put my puppy to sleep (he was 16 weeks old). His mange would go away and then come back after a week or two.

Discuss options with your vet but definately have your puppy nuetered as he can transmit this to other dogs and it can be heredetary so all his puppies will have it too.

My 3 year old shih tzu had generalized demodec mange, been snipped, dipped, shot, on prednisone returns??

She is on a good food, nutro max. Vitamin E/Selenium, C & Amino Acids, it get’s better then flares up again. I’m really looking for a home remedy. No more toxic dips & cortisone if I can help it
She has been tested first by the Vet the Rescue used, they said it was a bad case of Fle Infestation let go, My Vet then did a scraping said demo Mange In Oct. I’ve got a few very good books asnd researched plenty…So, I took her off the steroids almost immeadiately.Although one of my books does say in SOME cases this is the only thing that will help…If you use a low dose. Today her skin is red, I’m using Aloe from my plants. Wit’s end here, any idea what may help relieve her skin? She has been to the Vet sooooo many times, I’ve lost faith. From Holistic to conventional, could be impossible to clear up? My Vet said she has put down more Shih Tzu’s due to skin issues, I just don’t want to make her suffer if she is never going to get better….;( We have stuck to every treatment giving it a chance, other than prednisone because of her immune system. It’s very sad & today I just feel so so bad for her….

First of all, if your dog really does have generalized demodex- IT SHOULD NEVER GET A STEROID OF ANY KIND! Every dog has the demodex mite present in it’s skin, some dogs just fight it off better. Giving steroids to a dog suppresses the immune system and therefore they cannot fight off the mite. If your vet prescribed steroids while treating for mange, get a new vet. Unfortunately, there are no holistic remedies to fight the mite. Oral ivermectin daily, once weekly dips with mitaban/amitraz or if it is localized you can use goodwinol ointment. We have had some luck by applying Revolution twice a month until the skin is cleared up again. Keep with it- I have had to treat several older patients for over two years before we finally got a handle on it.

Home cure for Demodicosis (demodex) mange?

Does anyone know of a home cure for this type of mange. The dip that the vets have to use are so dangerous. It can kill the dog or cause brain damage.
He is on a good diet. Can anyone tell me the name of the cream I could get for this. He also gets a bath once a week.
Can he take Ivermectin even tho he is on a once a month heartworm pill?

Ivermectin also works as a topical to treat demodex. Talk to your vet about using it orally, a dialy dose is fine even if he takes heartworm medicine. Actually the dosing for demodex is much higher than heart worm prevention.

There are some holistic remedies out there as well, but I can’t recall any of the names. Mitoban dips are horrible for dogs and should only be used in extreme situations.

Dosage of ivermectin “In small animals, all use for skin conditions is extra-label in the USA. For Demodex , the dosage is 0.3-0.6 mg/kg, PO, sid until 2 negative skin scrapings 1 mo apart.” from
PO means orally and sid means once daily… heartguard and similar medicines are on the order of mcg.

You’ll probably need to talk with your vet about how to dilute the solutions, and how to properly administer it though… I don’t feel comfortable walking you through it, but you can get 1% ivomec at 😉

Find the Demodicosis (Demodex) mange cure, here.

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