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my puppy has sarcoptic mange. how long before I can let her play with me and my daughter and other dog?

She is on an oral dose every week for four weeks. Right now she is in her crate, and not a very happy puppy. I dont want to get it or my daughter or other dog. So I will keep her in there. But how often do we have to wash bedding, etc.???
She is on the iv (Sp? oral dosage). I dont let her on my daughter’s bed or mine. I washed her bedding in her crate tonight and wondered if i needed to do that every day? Also, my other dog was checked today and he didnt show signs of it, but they put him on meds to be safe. The poor baby looks at me so sad wondering why we cant play…. she goes back in 4 weeks for a recheck. She hasnt lost any hair yet. They found it in scabs on the tip of her ears.

We dont Treat Oraly at our Shelter…Hmmmmm.I imagine They are treating with Ivomec.We generly Dip or use Revolution..In those cases I feel Safe letting them be with other dogs and taking off my gloves after a week.If You and your Kid get this Its Scabies in people..I got it once from a Mangy Dog and it is Hell!How many doses has she had? The Bedding I would Wash as Needed as the Mites dont really spread as much as you think That way.I’m Talking about the Dogs Bedding..If she has been on ya’lls Beds Wash Them All and Dont let her on until theMites are Dead…A For Sure Sign The Mites are Dead are when Hair starts growing back in the places she lost it.At that point She can be treated as Normal!
Good Luck

Can cats get the mange and what are the symptoms?

I have 3 cats they are all fixed and get their shots regularly and they seem healthy. However, there is a cat that one of my neighbors moved off and left that I feed. The neighbors that left it come and put food out for it every once in awhile but they are elderly and they don’t ever put enough food out for it. It gets in fights all the time with other neighborhood cats and my grandfather said it looked like it had the mange. I don’t want my cats to get it too. I don’t know what to do. I can barely afford to take my own cats to the vet. I hate to call animal control because the neighbors still own the cat, but I will if It comes down to it. What are the symptoms of mange and can cats get it?

Mange is an infestation of mites. While it is more commonly seen in dogs, cats can: and indeed do get mange.

Basically there are two different types of mange: Sarcoptic mange caused by sarcoptic mites and Demodectic mange caused by demodex mites.

Symptoms include:

Patches of hairloss on the skin, redness, swelling and overall irritation. Demodectic mange is usually found in the facial and ear areas of the animal, while Sarcoptic can be found anywhere in the body.

Another fungal infection that could be causing problems is ringworm. It typically exhibits the same kinds of symptoms although not throughout the body.

Sarcoptic mange is also very contagious between animals and ringworm can be transferred to humans.

If the animal does have mange:

By not-treating the problem the owner is actually comitting an act of animal cruelty through neglect.

However; the SPCA is also aware that elderly people have a really hard time getting around in some cases and won’t always prosecute.

If you decide to call, ask if you can bring the cat in yourself and if they would be willing to treat the animal and return it to the old lady.

You may also want to talk to her personally before filing. She may be medically incapable of taking this animal to a vet, and you could offer to help take it to the veterinarian for her.

Hope this helps!


I should also state that the diagnosis of mange/ringworm is done through a skin scraping analysis. Basically a veterinarian will scrape off a tiny portion under the skin and check for the mites/bacteria under a microscope.

Generally demodex mites are long/narrow looking microscopically, while sarcoptic mites are rounder and more oval shaped.

After the skin scraping analysis is done, the veterinarian will check to see how bad the infestation is, what part of the life-cycle the mites are under and perscribe to have oral/antibiotic drops and toppical dips to solve the problem.

They will also probably want the animal back in for a post-eval. just to be sure that the infestation is indeed gone.

how much does treatment for mange cost for a dog?

i think my dog has mange so i made an appointment with the vet for Wednesday but i was wondering if it is mange does anyone know how much it would cost from experience? she started loosing hair around her eyes & they look swollen and red and shes been really itchy and shes been biting so hard that theirs spots where shes missing fur now 🙁

I got a puppy (a bischon mix) and everything was fine for a year, then he started scratching and biting himself until he looked like I had been abusing him (bloody, bald spots everywhere). He hid under the bed for the next year and a half while I took him to several vets. One of them only gave me an antibiotic spray for hot spots, which of course didn’t work; one of them said he needed a $40/week dip in something, so we did that for awhile and he always felt better but after 6 weeks of this he really wasn’t getting any better. Then my friend suggested I take him to an old country vet, which I did and I’m glad I did! He did a scraping, looked under the microscope and said he has red mange, not contagious and he explained it to be like acne was for humans, i.e., all dogs have it, it lives in their hair follicles, he just happens to be bothered by it. Because he still had bloody sores all over, he gave me cipro (an antibiotic) and he said it HAD to be cipro and to go to the farm store and get 1% injectable ivermectin. The dosage to use for heartworm medication is .1cc per every 10 lbs., but he at least needs to be on .8cc’s of the ivermectin for it to do any good, so to increase it every few days until I got him up to the .8cc’s a day and if he starts throwing up, drop back down to the previous dose and try to work him back up to the .8cc’s a day. He is 28 lbs. so the dose needs to be triple the norm. Thankfully, this treatment has worked and I now have a happy dog but I still have to keep him on the ivermectin or it comes back. The vet also said that if it didn’t work, then we could try cancer drugs but the dog won’t last very long on them. He also said it is an immune disorder that is found in certain breeds…not contagious.

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