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If a dog has Foxy Mange, is it contagious to other dogs please?

My daughters dog has Foxy Mange, my own dog is supposed to be staying with her next week I need to know if it is congtagious please

Just as in domestic canids, foxes are susceptible to more than one type of ‘mange.’ The two types most people mean would be either scabies (also known as sarcoptic mange) and Demodex.

You would have to know which type your daughter’s dog has in order to know if it’s contagious. (“Foxy” mange is not a real diagnosis…because again, foxes can get more than one type of mange.)

Demodectic mange is not contagious. It is caused by an inherited, genetic defect in a specific part of the immune system. (Dogs who have it should never be bred, even if they are treated and cleared up, but many poorly educated breeders keep doing it anyway…which is the main reason we have been unable to eradicate it as we should be able to do with proper genetic selection.)

Scabies IS highly contagious, but the mites that cause it are pretty species-specific. Sheep, humans, dogs, cats, etc. all have their own species of scabies mite, which will not cause disease in other species. (The mites can get on the skin and burrow/die, creating a temporary rash….but will not cause ‘mange’ in another species.) Dogs and foxes are closely related enough, however, that they can share the same species of scabies mite.

Summary: What you need to do is simply CALL your daughter’s DVM and ASK if what her dog has is contagious to yours or not, and if so, how to prevent it. If it is indeed scabies (which I suspect it is), Revolution is excellent at that. Your dog will need to have a current negative heartworm test before you can use it.

Note to Helen: The info you copied/pasted from your sources is mostly correct and very good information (cannot imagine WHY anyone gave you the thumbs-downs, unless they are just stupid!)….but some of the info about treatment is out of date. (Just FYI.) New and better treatments become available all the time, and Internet articles often don’t reflect the newest/best information available about that.

My Pomeranian has sarcoptic mange from breeders!?

I took my 8 week old pom to the vet cause she was scratching and losing hair, and found out she has sarcoptic mange. I showed the vet a rash I have developed since I have had her and he said I have it to, that it is very contagious to humans. I went to my doc and got cream, and the pup and my other dog are being treated now. The pup is miserable and in a playpen in my room, with her bed and food and water and I clean the playpen 2x day and change her piddle pad, but she wants so bad for me to hold her! She cried constantly for attention. I don’t want to pick her up for a week, until her next treatment, when the vet said she should no longer be contagious. Can anyone recommed something to soothe her, while she is in “isolation”? I do go in and talk to her but limit my time in the room with her, becuase I am afraid of being re-infected! (i have held her for a couple of min and then put my clothes in washer and take a shower, but only hold her for a couple of mins.) Thanks!
Thanks so much to the first two reponders, your answers were very heartfelt and sincerely appreciated!

I think this is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever seen on this site. You have my sympathy now, seriously. Your breeder should be shot and then eaten by rabid wolverines for being so irresponsible.

This is such a tough situation for both of you. You can perhaps try to put an article of clothing with your scent on it, but nothing’s really going to be a substitute for your arms or physical presence. You can also try a loudly ticking clock or a radio so she doesn’t feel quite so alone.

Will pray for you and your puppy to get better very soon. Good luck.

What would you recommend for a dog with demodectus mange?

She has been treated for months now with Mitaban Dip at the vet’s office and on antibiotics. She was showing signs of it getting better, but when we try to back off on the Dips and Antibiotics she gets bad again. The vet has said we may need to consider an an oral medication, but there can be severe side effects from it for her and we really don’t want to do that to her.

Have no idea what your vet is talking about. The dips are expensive and dangerous. The oral meds are safer and work better. He could have used a low dose Ivermectin and cleared up the problem if that is truly what it is.
And how many skin scrapings has your vet done? Are they all positive for mites? If not, why is he not investigating other avenues, like allergies, or a secondary bacterial infection, which cannot be treated with a dip? Why is he treating Demodex with an antibiotic? That does nothing for mange.
I hope you have not spent a ton of money on those dips, and meds, but if you have, please find a new vet.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result….

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